Collaborative Quality Assurance

QA4Lab is a suite of tools for quality assuring data captured through a range of different technologies such as LiDAR, UAVs, Multibeam Echo Sounders. QA tools in this suite provide  collaborative online platforms to helps data providers and clients work closely with each other to ensure the data is high quality and fit for purpose.




QA4LiDAR simplifies, standardises and automates the quality assurance process for airborne topographic and bathymetric LiDAR data.


QA4MOBiLE reduces the time spent by automating and bringing together of a set of common checks into one software package for quality assuring the MLS data.


QA4UAV is an easy-to-use, automated quality assurance tool to ensure fit-for-purpose data that is captured by UAVs.


QA4MBES is an easy-to-use end-to-end workflow with QA capabilities to ensure the quality of the data collected using Multibeam Echo sounders.