QA4LAB – Automated Quality Assurance for Point Clouds

*If you have an interest in UAV data acquisition, please contribute to our QA4UAV User Needs Analysis via our online questionnaire!*


Welcome to the QA4LAB series of software tools for the quality assurance of point cloud data, created by the CRC for Spatial Information.

LiDAR is the ability to remotely examine the surface of the earth. This ability to capture data for the acquisition of dense and accurate topographic and bathymetric information has led to extensive and growing uses in environmental monitoring, mapping and planning of transport, emergency management, exploration of oil, gas and minerals, urban development and modelling, defence simulation and understanding the changing coastlines. With this growth in use, comes the need to provide surety around the quality of the data capture.

The CRCSI has developed and continues to build upon expertise in quality assurance software tools. This expertise includes:

  1. QA4LiDAR to simplify and standardise the quality assurance for airborne topographic and bathymetric LiDAR deliveries
  2. QA4MOBiLE to simplify and standardise the quality assurance for mobile laser scanning (MLS) data
  3. QA4UAV is a quality assurance tool for UAV imagery and photogrammetric point clouds.

The QA4LAB website provides a guide to the CRCSIs current capabilities and growing research and introduces the QA4LAB team.

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