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QA4LiDAR Version 2.0 – Status Update

The QA4LiDAR software is currently being re-developed. The three major updates include;

  1. The new quality assurance software will be independent of ESRI and no longer require an ArcGIS license
  2. The new Form Editor will be an online tool replacing the current desktop application, and the QA Results will also be online, requiring users to have an account and login
  3. Some methods and algorithms are being improved including allowing user defined naming conventions

Version 2.0 of QA4LiDAR should be available towards the end of 2017.

Quick and Accurate Quality Assurance of Airborne LiDAR

QA4LiDAR simplifies, standardises and automates the quality assurance process for airborne topographic and bathymetric LiDAR data. The tool saves users time with robust data quality that is fit-for-use.

As a tool that replaces time intensive manual tasks QA4LiDAR increases the rigor and completeness of quality assurance checks.

Developed through collaborative CRCSI research, QA4LiDAR has been designed to ICSM standards and can be deployed for any aerial LiDAR data capture across Australia and the Pacific.

The independent checking mechanism can be performed on the supplied topographic or bathymetric LiDAR data by the LiDAR provider after acquisition and/or upon delivery to the contracting agency, in an effective and efficient manner.

Designed for use by data suppliers and local, state and federal government data custodians QA4LiDAR allows transparency between government and private industry processes and expectations.

The tool provides a comprehensive list of checks, requiring minimal manual work, including:

  • Delivery completeness and file corruption
  • File naming and attribution
  • Tile based classification statistics
  • Survey control check
  • Absolute and relative vertical accuracy
  • Point density and DEM resolution
  • Flight line coverage
  • Data extent and voids

To access the software, please go to QA4LiDAR Downloads.

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