The QA4MBES is part of a broader project in partnership with Geoscience Australia and AusSeabed with primary goal of improving discoverability, interoperability and accessibility of seabed mapping data. This goal will be achieved through the development of a series of web-based tools and applications and a seamless workflow that will enable broader collaboration and data sharing by encouraging data submission into a national repository of seabed data.

QA4MBES address a recognised priority in AusSeabed by developing a simple online workflow, for both technical and non-technical users to manage Multibeam Echo Sounders (MBES) acquisition projects, so that the supplied data is fit-for-purpose and coordinated with industry through a national register of surveys. To meet this aim, the project will:

  • Engage with end users across different sectors to understand their technical requirements for capturing MBES data for various applicaitons
  • Develop an online workflow which supports the requirements of both technical and non-technical users to procure MBES data.
  • Investigate, develop and integrate basic Quality Assurance (QA) checks into the workflow.
  • Interface the workflow with the AusSeabed website
  • Integration of the online workflow with the national survey register and Geoscience Australia’s data repository for stakeholders to submit their data.