QA4MOBILE Version 1.0 – Status Update

The QA4MOBiLE beta software release is currently being beta tested by the project partner on the development. Once testing is complete, feedback is received and any bugs are ironed out, version 1.0 of the software will be released and should be available by about October 2017.

Quality Assurance Checking Mechanism for Mobile Laser Scanning Data

Transport and road agencies around Australia recognise the significant role mobile LiDAR and imagery can play in managing their assets. To maximise the use of mobile LiDAR, substantial amounts of time are spent assessing the quality of the acquired data and extracting key measurements.

QA4MOBiLE reduces the time spent by automating and bringing together of a set of common checks into one software package. This automation in a simplified QA process increases efficiencies for both the contracting agency and MLS provider.

Contracting agencies can use QA4MOBiLE to perform standard independent compliance and QA testing on MLS data to ensure providers are delivering data that meets the specification before the project is signed off and completed.

MLS providers can also use this tool and supply the standard reporqa4mobile_processt produced by the tool to the contracting agency as part of the project delivery – in addition to the standard processing and QA procedures.

Problem Solving

Organisations acquiring data usually find errors that lead to significant delays in the use of feature extraction data. An independent checking mechanism on the MLS data upon delivery is important to contracting agencies for risk management and high quality outcomes.

QA4MOBiLE delivers a standard automated tool to quality assure MLS data.

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