A series of materials have been developed. Please review online or download to gain insight into opportunities for the QA4LAB software.


  1. QA4LiDAR case study – download a copy
  2. QA4LiDAR sample report – download a copy
  3. QA4LiDAR guide – download a copy
  4. QA4LiDAR user manual – download a copy
  5. QA4LiDAR YouTube resources – click here
  6. ICSM LiDAR Specification and Tender Template
  7. QA4LiDAR forms – download a copy


  1. QA4MOBiLE research poster – download a copy


  1. QA4UAV research poster – download a copy
  2. QA4UAV flyer – download a copy

Further information about any of the QA4LAB software can be obtained by contacting the QA4LAB team.