Tender and Report Form

Online Form Editor Link

Currently, a substantial amount of time is spent assessing the quality of acquired MLS data and extracting key measurements. The QA4MOBiLE software delivers time savings by providing a standard automated process for assessing data quality.

In order to automatically check an MLS delivery against the defined specifications, QA4MOBiLE requires a condensed ‘form’ version of the project specifications from which to automatically extract requirements. This is referred to as the Tender Form and is completed via the online Form Editor by the contracting agency.

To automatically check reported project results against the specifications, QA4MOBiLE also requires a similar condensed ‘form’ version of the final project report. This is referred to as the Report Form and should be completed by the MLS provider using the online Form Editor.

The Form Editor can be found here and demonstrates some of the QA4MOBiLE capabilities.

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