FrontierSI is a leading research centre contributing to the spatial enablement of Australia and New Zealand. Working with university researchers, federal and state agencies, the private sector and international organisations, ForntierSI and its partners deliver research outcomes to help industry grow in key sectors including: agriculture, natural resources and climate change; defence; energy and utilities; built environment; and health.

The QA4Lab Team in FrontierSI includes:




Dr Nathan Quadros
Team leader

Nathanis at the forefront of LiDAR and remote-sensing technology, holding a PhD in Geomatics Engineering and has advised on major LiDAR projects in Australia, the Pacific and South-East Asia. He has provided expertise to the Australian Commonwealth and State Governments, Pacific Islands and the World Bank.




Dr Sam Amirebrahimi
Research and Project Manager

Sam’s expertise and experience mainly spans across areas of spatial information integration, harmonisation, management, analysis and visualization and has designed, managed and delivered various tools that benefit from the power of off-the-shelf and open source technologies. Sam is a software engineer by training, specialized in GIS, and holds an MBA degree and a PhD in Engineering.




Ms Jessica Keysers
Research and Project Manager

Jessica’s expertise covers a variety of fields including terrestrial and tidal vertical datums, the quality assurance of airborne topographic and bathymetric LiDAR, and GIS for applications in the areas of climate change, biodiversity, public land, fire, water supply, drainage systems, and environmental resource and asset management. At FrontierSI, Jessica has worked on the quality assurance of numerous airborne LiDAR projects.